Ken Prescott

DOTD Certified Inspector


Ken brings his extensive expertise to GOTECH. He has previous experiences with subdivision surveying computations, staking, and inspection of roads, subsurface drainage, water, gas , sewer and electrical utility locations and inspection.  He was involved with surveying and construction staking of the Toledo Bend Scenic Route for the Louisiana. He has been an Engineering Construction Manager of Inspection, Surveying, Construction Staking and Layout, Auto Cad Drafting and computations, as well as performing court house research for previous Engineering firms.


Professional Experience

Civil Eng. Construction, Surveying, Management and Field Coordination
Civil Eng. firm Partner
Construction experience in Electrical, A/C, Mechanical and Plumbing
Inspection of I-12 DOTD Widening Project In East Baton Rouge Parish
Inspection of numerous East Baton Rouge Parish Road Rehab projects
Inspection of East Baton Rouge Parish SSO sewer rehab Program
Inspection of East Baton Rouge Parish Annual Sewer Inspection and rehab Program
Inspection of FAA Airport Projects in New Orleans and Baton Rouge
Inspection of West Baton Rouge Parish Levee Multi-Use Trails Project







Professional EDUCATION

Associates Degree in Civil Engineering Technology and Surveying from T.H. Harris Tech

Professional Certifications

PCC Paving
Structural Concrete