Pradyot Deshpande

Senior Project Manager
Engineer Intern

2008 - Present


Mr. Deshpande has a strong academic foundation in civil/environmental engineering combined with five years experience as an Environmental Research Engineer. Mr. Deshpande also brings water/wastewater treatment technology experience to GOTECH.

Mr. Deshpande presently works on the City of New Orleans Office of Recovery Management Public Infrastructure project which includes repair of city assets, police and fire stations, streets, recreation center, court buildings, museums, libraries and parks that were damaged by flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. His duties on this project include planning, designing and overseeing infrastructure utility designs, analysis and construction.


Civil/Environmental Engineering - 9 Years


Engineer Intern: Louisiana #21592


B.S./Civil Engineering, SRTM University India - 2000 
.S./Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University - 2003