Pointe-Marie is a new village on River Road in East Baton Rouge Parish that will continue the tradition of the authentic and memorable small towns and villages of Louisiana. The 120-acre village will offer a wide array of uses and amenities all located within three compact districts a short walk from amenities and shopping essentials.  A grid system of comfortable streets lined with front porches and interlocking trail systems will encourage strolling and bicycling between the districts. 

Village Center Building

Village Center Building

The Village Center

The village’s “downtown” will accommodate mixed-use structures of up to 82,000 square feet of commercial and retail space on the ground floor and up to 240 village center residences and 220 hotel rooms on the floors above – all enhanced by squares, plazas and other significant amenities.

Central Square

The single-family component of Pointe-Marie, with 260 residences and their accompanying carriage and guest houses – surrounded by a major north/south Promenade, gathering areas, parks and amenities.


GOTECH, Inc. is currently the civil engineer for the @Highland commercial subdivision located at the corner of Bluebonnet Boulevard and Highland Road in Baton Rouge, LA. This commercial development will consist of high-rise mixed-use office buildings containing a mixture of office space, residential units, retail space and restaurants. The site will contain an array of distinctive features including several grand oak trees, a boardwalk overlooking the neighboring BREC Bluebonnet Swamp area and a unique bridge feature at the site's entrance road. GOTECH's responsibilities include site development, civil engineering site design, utility coordination, storm water management, construction administration and permitting.


For Ascension Parish, Louisiana

GOTECH, Inc. served as the Project Engineer and Lead Project Coordinator for The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, located on 236 acres of land in Ascension Parish. This facility offers residents and visitors a venue that seats over 3,000 people. As a state of the art multi-use facility, the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center hosts a multitude of events designed to bring entertainment and economic development to the community. In addition to equestrian events and rodeos, the Expo Center is used for concerts, science and school fairs, antique and craft shows, tractor pulls and auctions, along with other events. The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center currently houses eight barns, three arenas, a banquet room, a 4-H facility, a Trade Mart building, and a YMCA gymnasium. Also featured at the Center are picnic areas, recreation vehicle parking, bathhouses, paved parking areas, and a water distribution system. Construction cost estimating was conducted by GOTECH in all phases of the work in order to facilitate alternative selection by the Owner. Planning and design by GOTECH personnel allowed for the successful construction of various roadway, sewer, drainage, structural, and electrical components on a concurrent schedule.