Our inspectors are capable of monitoring and documenting all phases of a project for quality control, acceptance of construction activities and progress. Inspectors strive to maintain a set schedule for progress and performance for general and subcontractors, minimizing lost time and eliminating cost overruns. Our team’s vast experience in structural and roadway inspection, also includes sewer, drainage, excavation, concrete, asphalt, binder and wearing course, manholes, pump stations, drop inlets, and soil stabilization. 

SSO Program construction inspection support - East Baton Rouge Parish

GOTECH provided 30 construction inspectors to support the City/Parish’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Program.  The staff of inspectors included inspector grade staff, senior inspectors and one lead inspector.  Additionally GOTECH designated a business manager to coordinate the management plan to ensure quality construction inspection services.  The City/Parish’s agent administered the construction of the SSO Programs.  Accordingly, the SSO Program staff assigned and directed the work of the GOTECH inspectors.  The GOTECH personnel were assigned to construction and/or rehabilitation of projects such as gravity sewers, force mains, wastewater pump stations, and wastewater treatment plant facilities. GOTECH services provided included daily site inspections, interpretation of contract documents, compiling daily reports, schedule testing laboratory work, monitor progress and schedules, and verify payment quantities.

I-12 Widening Project

This project involved reconstruction of existing portions of I-12 from O'Neal Lane in Baton Rouge to east of Range Avenue in Denham Springs with an additional third lane in each direction. Parameters included 10-foot inside and outside shoulders, complete replacement of the eastbound and two new side-by-side westbound bridges over the Amite River. GOTECH provided surveying, utility coordination and construction inspection services.

Sales Tax Street and Rehabilitation Program Construction Supervision and Inspection

GOTECH provided construction inspectors and a chief inspector to perform inspection of street rehabilitation construction services for the City of Baton Rouge for over 12 years. GOTECH created and preserved a project records system, production of partial and final estimates, plan changes, insuring adherence to plans and specifications. GOTECH provided inspection for asphaltic concrete and Portland cement concrete production at the plant, asphaltic concrete laydown operations, Portland cement placement and finishing, soil cement processing and incidental construction on the project. Duties also included covering the preparation and creation of samples for testing and the performance of field tests. The overall program has rehabilitated (asphalt overlay or reconstituted) over 1,500 miles of streets/roads. 

New Orleans Streets Repair Project Management Consultant

Roadway pavements across the New Orleans Metro area were damaged after being submerged by Hurricane Katrina floodwaters. Three candidate project sites were selected by LA DOTD to serve as prototypes for the design team’s repair plans. On a fast track basis, GOTECH kicked off the project by conducting the topographic surveys on each of the three initial sites. GOTECH also conducted tasks such as preliminary and final construction plan development, quantity and cost estimates, assisted with bid documentation, provided construction inspection personnel and assisted with construction administration activities in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes. 

I-10 Twin Span Bridge Project

GOTECH, Inc. served as a sub-consultant on the Twin Span Bridge project for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The Twin Span Bridge is a portion of Interstate Highway 10 that crosses the edge of Lake Pontchartrain between the cities of New Orleans and Slidell. Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Twin Span Bridge in August of 2005 resulting in the $803 million replacement project that included 5.5 miles of new bridge carrying three lanes eastbound and three lanes westbound. Working on the Volkert Construction Services team, GOTECH provided construction administration services and construction inspectors to monitor the work progress. GOTECH survey personnel provided geometric control data and conducted horizontal and vertical positioning checks on pilings, pile caps and bridge decks.

A-E Construction Quality Assurance Services for the U.S. Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District

GOTECH, Inc. performed all services in accordance with the contracting officer, the government and other policies and regulations. Our activities assured that construction of projects was also in accordance with construction contract plans and specifications.  Other duties included monitoring, documenting and reporting on construction contractor quality control activities and construction safety, progress and quality. Our services were required for the construction of levees, revetments and various structures, for hydraulic and bucket dredging, and for the repair and maintenance of various structures.

Corps of Engineers Debris Removal Project

In the fall of 2005, the journey of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita resulted in an immense challenge to those agencies involved in the recovery effort for South Louisiana. Within a few months of the hurricanes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded contracts for Quality Assurance services associated with debris removal. GOTECH was awarded one of the contracts and immediately personnel were placed in the field. GOTECH’s contract called for 50 inspectors to monitor debris removal operations in the New Orleans area and on the Northshore area (north side of Lake Pontchartrain). The field inspectors recorded daily activities of the cleanup crews, monitored quantities, recorded truck capacities and responded to the flexibility needed by the Corps of Engineers to oversee the work.