Our firm offers knowledge and technical ability in all fields of Civil Engineering including the design and preparation of construction plans for streets, roads, highways, sewerage, drainage and water supply projects. These tasks involve developing plans and layouts, pre-design estimates, plan-profile sheets, geometric designs, drainage designs (including sub-surface drainage), typical sections, detail sheets, signing and striping details, joint layouts, construction phasing, cross-sections and quantity calculations.

Canal Street to Union Passenger Terminal Rail Expansion

For New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

In 2011 GOTECH engineering and drafting personnel served as the engineering and surveying sub consultant for the RTA Rail Expansion project on Loyola Avenue. The project area extended from the Union Passenger Terminal to Canal Street (approximately one mile in length). Working as a sub consultant to AECOM, GOTECH provided civil engineering and surveying services on the project. On the surveying phase on the project, GOTECH field crews obtained topographic, drainage invert, manhole, elevation, and cross section survey data throughout the project area. GOTECH AutoCAD drafters then updated and refined the existing mapping documents by integrating new survey data points into the project plan / profile sheets. GOTECH field crew personnel entered the historic brick drainage “covered canal” on Loyola Street through street level access covers. Survey technicians descended into the 125 year old structure to obtain detailed interior measurements that were critical to the design of the project. GOTECH surveyors also provided essential location and elevation data to the utility relocation designers on the project team. GOTECH also analyzed the existing storm water runoff drainage system impacts along the project corridor. Other engineering duties included cross section preparations (TIN model development), typical section drafting, quantity calculations, demolition plan development, geometric evaluations, design of track drainage components and pedestrian access geometric designs.

Sanitary Sewer System Upgrades, South Forced Lower STN System Capacity Improvements –Highland Road to Burbank Drive

For City of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish

GOTECH, Inc. provided hydraulic analysis of alternatives, design and construction administration for this project. This project consisted of approximately 39,000 linear feet of 48”, 54” and 60” diameter force main from Pump Station 507 at Tiger Bend and Old Jefferson Highway to the intersection of Burbank Drive and Staring Line Extension. This project was completed on schedule and within budget. Included in this Southeast Baton Rouge project were crossings of six Federal and State highways, three water bodies and the Kansas City Southern Railway. To provide for the route of the new force main, a topographic survey was performed. In order to acquire servitude for the new line, a right-of-way survey was also performed, identifying property owners. In addition, the route of the new force main traversed several “wetland” locations which required delineation and mitigation.

City of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish

BTR SSO South WASTE-WATER Treatment Plant - Phase 2

For City of Baton Rouge, Department of Public Works

City of Baton Rouge, Department of Public Works

GOTECH, Inc. provided surveying and design sub-consultant services with MWH as the prime consultant for the Phase 2 wet weather improvements to the south waste-water treatment plant. That included site work, 54” effluent line to the Mississippi River, levee crossing and all necessary appurtenances. GOTECH field crews surveyed the treatment plant site, the effluent line corridor and the discharge site on the left descending bank of the Mississippi River. The data obtained in the plant included topographic information such as tanks, road-ways, valves, ditches, fences, pavements, pipe racks, utility lines, etc. Topographic and right-of-way information was surveyed along the corridor route. The river discharge site required extensive surveying including data for the USACE levee permit. GOTECH design engineers produced construction documents in the form of plan/profile sheets and details for the discharge line routing.

John James Audubon Bridge -St. Francisville, LA

For Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

The Audubon Bridge design / build project features a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Mississippi River north of Baton Rouge. It replaced a centuries-old ferry route that links Pointe Coupee Parish and West Feliciana Parish. GOTECH, Inc. provided engineering design of the approach roadway network on the west (Pointe Coupee Parish) side of the river. Plan/profile sheets, cross section and detail sheets were designed by GOTECH engineers and drafted by GOTECH AutoCAD technicians. GOTECH field personnel obtained survey data on the batture to supplement the project’s hydro-graphic survey data. Construction quality assurance inspection services, utility coordination and scheduling was also provided by GOTECH.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Mid City Gardens Apartments (Capital City South Apartments)

For LA Housing Finance Authority (LHFA)

A project including six separate, multistory buildings were constructed to house over 60 living units and a community activity center. As a sub-consultant to Post Architects, GOTECH, Inc. provided civil engineering services. GOTECH engineers designed paving features, drainage plans, parking layout and water/sewer utility connection plans. GOTECH also provided site inspection services during the construction phases.

LA Housing Finance Authority (LHFA)

Water Hammer Hazard Mitigation Project

For Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans

Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans

GOTECH represented as a sub-consultant for the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board’s Water Hammer Mitigation Project. The $30 Million project replaced four 40 to 44 MGD pumps at the Claiborne Pump Station and two 45 MGD pumps at the Panola Pump Station. Other improvements include work at the High Lift Pump Station, Low Lift Station and the Carrollton Water Treatment Power Plant. GOTECH’s tasks on the project include civil design, surveying, mapping, and construction inspection. GOTECH survey technicians acquired field data to locate existing topographic features at the Claiborne Avenue Water Treatment Plant site. GOTECH AutoCAD technicians then imported the data into drawing files so that record drawings could then be geo-referenced to real-world coordinates. The resulting drawings were the base mapping documents used in the project design. GOTECH designers produced paving, grading and drainage layouts to be incorporated into the treatment plant site improvements. GOTECH will also provide future construction inspection services on the project.  

Wellness Center

For Baton Rouge Community College

GOTECH’s civil site and engineering services were utilized in the new Baton Rouge Health & Wellness Center, a facility within the expanding Baton Rouge Community College campus. As the project sub-contractor GOTECH established finished floor elevation, developed driveway and parking area geometric layout and established grading and drainage plans which included parking facility details. GOTECH also developed site utility plans for sewer, fire water and gas. Engineering tasks included prepared cost estimates, construction specifications, bidding document assistance, construction administration services and civil site work visits. GOTECH worked closely with the prime consultant to coordinate the architecture and civil / structural plans which resulted in the complete functional site layout design.

Baton Rouge Community College

Lucas & North Regional Waste-water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

For The City of Shreveport

GOTECH, Inc. served as a sub-consultant on the improvement projects for the North Regional and Lucas Wastewater Treatment Plants. Our work included site work, project coordination,  utility adjustments, odor control unit design, head-work's improvements, paving and grading, and drainage design. GOTECH personnel provided plans and specifications that were used as construction documentation for the project. The Wastewater Treatment Plant’s were re-designed through rehabilitation of the existing facilities and the addition of new facilities to accommodate the additional flow. GOTECH survey crews acquired location, elevation and inventory data for over one thousand sanitary sewer manholes throughout the Shreveport area. Field data was compiled for use in improvement modeling for the Lucas Wastewater Treatment Plant and the North Regional Treatment Plant.

The City of Shreveport

MacArthur Boulevard Improvements

For City of New Orleans, Department of Public Works

City of New Orleans, Department of Public Works

GOTECH, Inc. designed geometry, profiles and the typical cross sections for the rehabilitation of MacArthur Boulevard. Revising and redesigning the drainage system for the roadway was a required element. GOTECH survey crews conducted a complete topographic and elevation survey over the entire project. Plan/Profile sheets were drafted that showed the existing project features and proposed lines and grades all in accordance with the City of New Orleans requirements. Utility surveys were also required showing gas, water, sewer and electrical lines. Final construction plans were developed for use in bidding the project. GOTECH also provided construction engineering and inspection services during the construction phase of the project. The MacArthur Boulevard design resulted in a one mile long, four lane boulevard roadway cross section with median and parking lanes. The design included provisions for eight intersections, subsurface drainage, fire water systems, new water lines and new sewer lines.

Plank Road (LA Hwy. 67) Relocation

For The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Regional Airport

The Plank Road Relocation Project was a major part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Regional Airport's expansion program. The main runway extension was impossible to construct with the existing geometric constraints imposed by the north/south location of Plank Road. GOTECH was selected as a sub-consultant on the project to provide surveys, mapping and civil engineering designs on the roadway and drainage features. The approximately one mile long relocation of Plank Road is now a four lane roadway with median, designed to comply with the applicable FAA regulations regarding clear zones and glide slopes for approaching aircraft. GOTECH's services for the project included field surveys, right-of-way mapping, roadway geometric designs (horizontal and vertical), hydraulic designs for stormwater runoff, preliminary plans, final plans and project management duties. After the construction contractor was selected, GOTECH contributed to the field construction management activities for the project, working closely with Baton Rouge Regional Metropolitan Airport personnel.