GOTECH provides program management services for a number of public and private clients in Louisiana.  Our program management services include analyzing design and construction schedules, producing cost estimate projections, reviewing project performance, tracking project expenses, providing project design/construction parameter guidelines, and master planning.

New Orleans Recovery School District

For the LA Department of Education

For the LA Department of Education

GOTECH, Inc. provided construction management services and program management services for the rebuilding of New Orleans public school systems in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. GOTECH's responsibilities included project management, financial coordination, administrative services and project/governmental agencies liaison. As well as field inspection services, civil and site design reviews, information technology support and surveying services.

LCTCS - Act 391 & Act 360 Program

For the Louisiana Community & Technical College System

This project will facilitate the acquisition, purchase, construction, renovation, improvement, or expansion of public facilities for designated institutions under the supervision and management of the Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. The project enumerates specific facilities within that system which have been determined to be extraordinarily vital to the state’s response to the need for a competent and skilled workforce and which are in need of capital improvement or enhancement. GOTECH, Inc. will provide construction inspection and project management expertise to the project.

Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program (SSERP)

For the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Since the late 1990’s, GOTECH has served as a sub-consultant to Montgomery Watson Harza on the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board’s Program Management team for the sewer system’s rehabilitation project.  In 1997, over 4,000 manholes were surveyed by GOTECH’s field crews, providing critical data for the modeling efforts that were needed for the system.  Manholes were inspected and connecting sewer lines were identified, determining data such as the invert, pipe size, pipe material, type of manhole, bench elevation, general condition of the structure and location.  Sewer rehabilitation projects were designed based upon the results of the modeling and construction documents were produced.  GOTECH personnel provided resident inspection services, technical engineering services and administrative staff support services for the project.  GOTECH personnel were stationed at field offices, at construction sites and at the main project office in downtown New Orleans.

Transportation & Street Improvement Program “Green Light Plan”

For the City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge City administration promoted the extension of the “pot-hole” tax until the year 2030. Voters approved the extension and an estimated $460 million will be generated for transportation improvements throughout the Parish. Approximately 37 road projects are proposed as improvements to the ground transportation network for Baton Rouge. GOTECH, Inc. is participating in the Green Light Plan as a member of the project management team. Under the leadership of CSRS, Inc., GOTECH supplied engineering project managers, a director of engineering, AutoCad drafting services, scheduling, cost estimating and a senior program adviser for the team. 


For the City of New Orleans

GOTECH served on the assistance and support team, working on the Department of Public Works’ FEMA Public Assistance Program.  This work involved support and assistance for grants management, associated project management and closeout activities for federal and state programs (primary FEMA Public Assistance) due to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Gustav damages. GOTECH personnel assisted in activities such as: Additional Damage Assessments (ADRs), partnering with FEMA in the field to determine location and description of PA eligible roadway damages citywide, develop of PW versions as required to ensure all eligible damages have been identified, quantified and estimated, prepared and submit to GOHSEP an improved project request for all PWs related to DPWs Phase I and II infrastructure programs, pursue all avenues of funding, preparing and submitting to FEMA cost analyses, hazard mitigation proposals and any other justification needed to maximize eligible funding through code upgrades, alternatives analysis, and hazard mitigation.  This includes development, processing, and monitoring as required to obtain resolution of request, reconcile and close all Phase I contracts, Prepare and submit requests for PW versions to fund all Phase I work, and prepare and submit technical/programmatic reports to FEMA for all additional eligible work identified during construction. The project involved the establishment of procedures to document and closeout the project worksheets for the Federal funding.  GOTECH personnel assisted in the record keeping system, including processing, documentation and quality control phases.